Globally-inspired and meticulously constructed, PHOEBE aims to bring meaning and purpose to fashion by merging quality design that supports positive social impact.



Founded by mentor and mentee duo, Lizzie L and Phoebe A, PHOEBE was ignited by the twosome's entrepreneurial spirit, affinity for design, and conversations dominated how, together, they could give back.

In 2014, Lizzie and Phoebe aligned their intentions with their purpose and launched the Kusundi Collection, a jewelry line designed for the global nomad, and inspired by the handcrafting culture and intricate beadwork of Kenya's Maasai women.

Today, PHOEBE works with Kenyan artisans, elevating traditional designs, which reflect the effortless beauty, simplicity and culture of Kenya.

By creating ethically produce accessories, PHOEBE is also helping to educate and empower women in Kenya. 

10% of each piece sold benefits the Global Give Back Circle, a non-profit program that utilizes a Circle of empowerment to guide disadvantaged girls to complete their educational journey, gain employable skills and become an agent of change themselves.

Respond to every call that excites your spirit.
— Rumi, Persian Poet


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